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Welcome! Sharon K. Young and Associates is the premier personal service Consulting firm for both large and small projects. Our associates are not mere academics offering textbook advice. They are seasoned business veterans who have and are managing successful organizations around the world. Their experience and contacts are available to you for any size project. Whether it is feasibility study, a marketing problem, or a turnaround project, we can help.

We specialize in energy and natural resources, manufacturing, real estate development and marketing, computer technology, and project financing. We have worked on projects throughout North America, Europe and parts of Asia. Some of our more recent projects have been in U.K., France, and Yemen. In addition, we are currently working on or studying projects in Central and South America, Europe and part of Asia.

Founder Sharon Young, BA, MBA, CIPS, CRB, CRS, GRI, has a background that spans the gamut of successful endeavors. She is one of seven executives who contributed to Dr. Margot Weinstein's book "7 STEPS TO FIND YOUR PERFECT CAREER". She has been a speaker and teacher at conferences and Universities throughout the world and has been quoted by numerous global publications including the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, among others. She serves as a delegate to the United Nations. She is vice president of FIABCI-USA and is a Director of The Global Housing Foundation. Click on the side bar  for a sampling of her travels.

Some of her more unusual accomplishments include heading the personnel department of an international manufacturing company; acting as manager for an international, New York Stock Exchange listed, Oil & Gas Company (the first woman to act in that capacity); managing a foundry for the largest independent jobbing foundry company in the U.S. (first woman to do so); Establishing a successful real estate company in the midst of the worst real estate depression since the 1930's in Oklahoma City; Serving as CEO of an Association of Realtors; and creating from scratch a multiple listing service company for Realtors and the public that grew from nothing to a multi-million dollar (in assets) company with no debt in less than 5 years.


Oklahoma City: +1 405 205 5205 


Denver:  +1 303 893 7424

Houston:  +1 713 893 7424


New York:  +1 347 536 0975

London:  +44 020 8123 0536

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